Day 3 wisdom

Things I now know…

I didn’t pack nearly enough dresses or skirts, probably because I don’t own or typically wear said clothing. But this is the essential uniform while riding one’s bike jauntily through town. Our bikes should arrive this week and I can’t wait to fully blend in as locals! The vastness of the bike racks here, especially around the train station is astounding, even offering double decker parking should things get too full which they appear to always be.

Scooters are a perfect alternate for adult transportation. Not the motorized kind, although they are everywhere, but rather the push kind, with a handlebar and riding platform. Didn’t pack those either, darn it.  Even saw a skateboard riding mom pushing a double stroller.  These people know how to get around!

We spent yesterday navigating the trains in and around Winterthur. IKEA is as popular a destination as ever for a quick, cheap, yummy lunch. Drinking beer, or in my case a delicious lemon raddler, while riding the train feels so civilized. And no one here gives you the stink-eye when allowing your children to have the first sip.

The view here is spectacular in every direction, can’t wait to see more today. We head to Zurich for a party on the lake to watch the big football match. Seems we’re still welcome despite our Canadian boy knocking the beloved Swiss from the tennis.

More photos below from our exploring on Day 2. Have yet to figure out how to quickly/easily post to this site and I really didn’t come here to be glued to the iPad!

Fountains everywhere!
A self powered merry-go-round in the park in the old part of Winterthur. Manolo in the background trying to walk it off…
Manolo under his own g-force power. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off.
Church tower in central Winterthur. Well aware that I may take too many photos of these.
Another fountain. we always top up our water bottles here. So civilized.
The shops in Winterthur.
Cute pub and the beginning of the crowds to watch the festival.
We happened upon this crazy festival. Engineering students parading their motorized creations through the street while dressed in period costumes and drinking as much as possible.
Felt like a scene out of a movie.
Local ladies taking in the action. The fella in the picture pointing was just winding up to launch a water balloon at me. aimed just below my camera, thoughtful bloke.
D, cute street, random tall statue-thingy.
Gorgeous streets around every corner.
Another fountain, another chance to hydrate. It’s really hot here (31) so we enjoy these fountain immensely. So far no one has told us not to put our feet in them so we’ll continue to do so.
Daddy & Helena
The fountain nearest our house.
the pretty local restaurant 2 blocks from our house.

Typical lavender bush bursting through a fence.
Lavender everywhere playing host to millions of honey bees. So glad to see they are thriving here.
the church tower near our house. Delighfully chimes every 15 minutes.

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