Today I am torn by the juxtaposition of this place. On one hand there is absurd, simple beauty around every corner which really feels like a fairytale. Yet on the otherhand there are the frustrations of being new that seem equally as absurd. The struggle I’m still failing at is figuring out how to throw away garbage. There is one garbage bag we can use; garbage in all other bags won’t be collected. We do not have said special bag and so continue to amass garbage which is decidedly un-Swiss. Our neighbours will know we’re imposters by the sheer volume of rubbish we appear to be hoarding in our apartment.

3 attempts to find the correct bag have failed. We have spent $5 on bags that won’t be picked up; the wrong bags. Why does this have to be so hard?

On a high note I have succeeded at figuring out where to take recycling. All sorted and delivered to different spots including waiting for a train to cross almost every time. Yay me!

The other surprising bit…toilets are in their own room – very European and some would suggest quite civilized. But as an observation I have noticed that this does not lead to prompt hand washing or any for that matter. Swiss are known for being clean…what’s with that?

Today we are laying low. The big days of exploring have left us quite pooped. We’re anticipating a break from the heat too which we’re looking forward to. Over 30 is too warm for these Mexi-Swiss-Canadians!

Tomorrow we should be reunited with the stuff we shipped. The arrival of our bicycles is so exciting. It will allow us to achieve true local status!

A few pics from the last while.

A pretty scene around every corner.
The local playground has this neat art installation.
Post box 2 blocks from our house. We have postcards to write!
34 degrees! These poor ladies. Sure hope the icecream does the trick.

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