Zurich in the rain

After the heat of our first days we were happy to have a cool, rainy day in the forecast. In retrospect, a bit more sun and warmth would have been good for our day of exploring in Zurich. Despite being mocked by my family for packing an umbrella in our shipped goods, having an umbrella was very essential today. Alas, the shipped boxes have yet to be released here so the essential umbrella is just out of our grasp.

Regardless of our soggy state and my increasingly frizzy hair, we enjoyed Zurich immensely. Like so much of this journey so far, the beauty around every corner is astounding. Today’s foray to the big city was for the purpose of getting the kids’ passports finalized. 

Attending our appointment at the Swiss passport office. Shiny red passports should arrive in the main in 4 days.

With the business complete we set about  exploring by foot heading towards the main train station as a good place to start. 

The train station is massive with so much going on including a sand castle replica of Big Ben & Parliament.
And a castle, right next to the train station…didn’t anyone tell them to never build your home right next to the transit station?

The highlights of the day for the kids were buying their own collector Swiss Army knives, exploring a Swatch store and finding the biggest toy store ever, complete with a slide to get between floors. I on the other hand could have happily meandered through the winding cobblestone streets sans-children all day. 

Best toy-store ever…too bad about the prices.☹️
The “pop-it-up” camera in the Swatch store accessorizes your outfit for you.
D has been promised a Swatch once he makes his first friend. He’s already looking at his choices.
Exactly my point! Pretty sure this sign is saying “trust us, you’ll enjoy this so much more without your children. Proceed alone.” (Seriously, what does this sign mean?)
Here’s a few more images from today. Likely it all would be far prettier under a clear blue sky but it still managed to blow me away.

Streets with so much character.
Beautiful squares pop up everywhere!
We’re that family…the family who drinks directly from the fountain.
Crossing the river
An amazing cathedral. The stain glass windows here were all made of quartz cross sections .
Because I take pictures of bikes…
Countless teeny-tiny cobblestone laneways that lead to more breathtaking views. You’d need days (without children) to take it all in.
This was important…lots of others taking a photo here. Did Lenin live here? Was he born here? Must google that …
Even in the rain, sidewalk cafes busy with the business of smoking, drinking and waxing poetc.

After an adventurous journey home with not one but two wrong busses I succeeded in finally tracking down the elusive but oh-so important garbage bag! Oh, and the can of wine on the train leaving Zurich was pretty fabulous too.

Why isn’t this a thing everwhere!? Mind you I suspect there’s more than a little drinking happening on the c-train these days.
Here it is! THE garbage bag that will allow me to no longer hoard our garbage. This, along with about 9 others cost us a mere $12! It has the risk of putting me into a bit of a frenzy around garbage sorting. We can’t afford to throw anything away!

Tomorrow we continue to negotiate the release of our shipped goods. Oh to be reunited with our bikes again! And I hope to negotiate with my hair in an attempt to tame the frizzy halo I’m sporting. So not the Euro-coiffed look I was aiming for. 

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    Love it😍


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