A neighbourhood day

Today we pretended to not be tourists. We puttered in the neighbourhood taking in the sites that lend character to the place we now call home. Small observations today but nonetheless things that inspire a pause in that we find ourselves with plenty of time to do so.

People who aren’t tourists do normal things like grocery shopping and cooking. In an attempt to keep the spirits of the kids buoyed despite being removed from all their buddies, I have planned the odd comfort food meals which require a trek to the big grocery store up the hill. With my newly acquired rolly-bag behind me, setting out feels down right cosmopolitan  compared to the rural life we left behind.

I’m doing my best to dress like a European (a scarf at all times) but I’m afraid I’m still eating like a North American. Those darn generous and thoughtful relatives who turned our apartment into a warm, inviting home, left little stashes of chocolate in every room! Thank goodness for all the walking….

The walking has its own challenges though. A thrift-shop loving gal like me can get in real trouble here. There appears to be a tradition of leaving previously loved goods out onto the sidewalk for others to discover. Combine this with a fear of becoming poor because we can’t afford the groceries and it is a slippery slope towards hoarding. Add to this my curiosity and continued need to figure out the garbage system I’m sure our neighbours are all worried about the well dressed lady with frizzy hair who keeps peering in the garbage bins. But another bit of success in that department today. I figured out where to put organic garbage so we can now start sorting that too. One step closer to being local!

The system for the community shared laundry still eludes me so that is my task to figure out tomorrow. Considering my children’s new love for making mud pies, this is becoming urgent. These are serious matters people; wish me luck.

Below, a few scenes from today’s wanderings.

As with all Garcia-adventures, it is the creature discovery that measures the success of the trip. These guys are the favourite here in the neighbourhood. True escargot size. We arent brave (or cruel enough) to consider cooking them.
Swiss style kitchens are small. Tiny fridges, sparse cupboards. With my goal of making comfort food today I required flour. I was worried about my ability to purchase just a small amount of flour. No worry needed! Have you ever seen such a cute little parcel of flour? I just might have enough to bake a batch of cookies one day too.
This is our playground – the one the kids can walk to on their own from the house. Of course it is the messiest element in the park that captures their attention. A giant sand box with a water feature built in, perfect for building motes, damns and mud pies.
Fountain’s everywhere. This is one of the nearest to us and the kid’s favourite to look at. They have informed me that the water tastes terrible from this one. Considering its height, I’m guessing this one is meant to water pups.
The air smells amazing here! I have yet to figure out what the smell is but it is intoxicating. The poor kids think Im nuts because of how often I stop to say “Smell that! The air is amazing!” it really is the proverbial taking time to smell the roses except in this case it is roses and so much more in evey garden. The flowers are spectacular.
This sweet little cottage is our local library just 3 minutes down the road by foot. Our goal is to be able to read the books within it!
This is our church tower. We hear the bells every quarter hour at the house. I hear you eventually stop hearing it as it simply blends into the background noise of day to day . I hope I always hear it. It sure looked pretty tonight against a stormy sky.
Even me, a non-car person, can appreciate the cars here. Maseratis, Lotuses, Bentleys, Alfa Romeos, Ferraris. It could turn anyone into a car aficionado.

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  1. Beatrice Fatzer says:

    Anna pleas don’t stop writing your blog. I kill myself laughing, just reading them.


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