Lugano mornings 

Please remember, we are currently in vacation mode. What you will see below and hear about is not real life. No one lives like this. It’s all make believe. 

Woken this morning by the chime of the church bells and the deep base of the party music. Wait, what? It began promptly with the 6am chime of the bells and was coming from the same general direction as the thumping late last night. Surely the partiers didn’t wake up at the crack ready to carry on. I’m guessing there’s either a rebel Sunday morning aerobics class or a very prompt cleaning lady with some groove. We’ll see what tomorrow morning brings.

Regardless of what time you wake, there really is no prettier place for the morning coffee. 

The unfortunate part of a morning scene like this is that it inspires a “go away” type response when the chldren surface, which they always do, the moment you’ve settled into your bliss. “Mommy’s having quiet time. Go find Daddy.”

Today’s outing was to the town of Gandria, just east of Lugano. It’s a lovely walk down to the lake and along the cobblestone pathways and never ending staircases. It was hot today, 32 with not a cloud in the sky. (Honestly, I feel for you all in Alberta and am cringing at the news of the terrible wet & cold. But I fully understand and accept the f-off sentiment you are thinking.)

pretty sure these are pistachio trees. not yet ready for munching. we tried.
Olive trees we think. But they taste more like cherries. We’re living on tge edge I tell you, everything we find goes in the mouth.
Did I mention it was hot? Either that or I’m raising a harlot. It’s her homage to Stampede!
Beginning the trek down to the lake.
Gnarley creatures along the way.
A powder blue Vespa is really the only colour choice when choosing your Vespa.
The route to Gandria is so pretty and so, so hot. Luckily, thanks to the apparent demise of the Fischer Ristorante & Hotel, we found a private swimming hole. 

Should we jump?
Hell ya!
Dad, on vigilant lifeguard duty.

Once sufficiently cooled off we carried on along the scenic trail to Gandria.

It didnt take long to be dry in the heat once again.
Our route.
Paradise for the SUP riders out there. Cath, you should totally bring yours!

Once in Gandria we found Popsicles and beverages which made us all happy. 

Today I boldly wore my short-shorts. Notice the 6″ inseam and full sized zip. Here, these might as well be capris. A true short-short displays the crease in your buttocks. Not for this mamma…
The pretty little place that sold us our beers. Bless them!

On the trek home, one more stop at the swimming spot.
All bikes want to be this pretty.
Gandria. So curious about the stories of the people who actually live there.
Yummiest raddler ever.
Along the way…
When I’m this age I hope to be a lady-who-lunches. These two, in their Sunday best, were so sweet helping each other with all the stairs. SO MANY STAIRS!

And just so you aren’t considering cancelling me from your friends profile, I should point out there was a certain domestic sense to my day too. In that I’m still a week away for my turn to do laundry at the apartment, we packed all our dirty laundry here. Classy, I know. it just so happens that my laundry setting is this…

Sorry, was that offside?

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Wonderful! Oh so many memories are flooding me, wish I was there to show the kids all our secret spots . Was great to see all your faces today. Hugs and kisses


    1. We sure wish you were here too Nona. We’ll definitely come back together when you can visit.



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