We are tourists, after all

A classic tourist outing today for the kids and I while Daddy continues to earn our keep here at Villa Sole. Monday means power tools are in the mix once again so Manolo was excited to get back at it. Before we set out the kids honed their own lumberjack skills, or as Helena says “I need to practice my fiddling  Mom.” “Hmmm, pretty sure you mean whittling Sweetie.”

With all the lumber coming down there’s plenty around to carve.

Before the day gets too hot we set off to town to begin our tourist day. Quick stop for a swim along the way and then off to the train station. Along the way we discovered another bathroom that caused us to take a step back and say “hmmmm” before entering. In contrast to the third world toilet from Italy, this was so space age we weren’t too sure how to approach it. It started doing things all on its own, before we even got started with our business.  Perhaps this blog site should be renamed “toilets of the world” as it really is such fun capturing all the variety.

The photo doesn’t do justice to how high the seat was in this one. A solid hop was required in order to “mount” the seat. Once the seat was unmounted water began flowing everywhere. Pretty sure these are the self cleaning toilet stalls. High tech and not at all unpleasant.

Today’s destination was a 7 minute train ride to the town of Melide, home of the world famous Swiss Miniature! One should almost come here directly to map out what parts of the country you want to see first based strictly on how adorable they are in miniature. That said, we would have skipped Lugano altogether based on its display. The Lugano tourist bureau really missed the boat on this one. 

All working gondolas, trains, luge tracks, boats, etc. It was delightful.
can’t recall what town this one is but it sure looks cute enough for a real life visit.
On our list of a destination to visit. Plus I had to capture this for my dear friend Heidi.
I was appalled at the site of the tourists who had let their children climb inside the miniature display. Thankfully that ‘s exactly what you were meant to do with this one. Phew! The kids LOVED it here.
Even Milan made the cut. The Duomo in miniature is still tricky to fit into one photo frame.

Seems Swiss Miniature is popular for everyone. Why do I find nuns out and about so amusing? Is it  poor taste to photograph them? I just can’t get enough to of them.

Look how delightful she is. I suspect this one might be a little like Maria!
Is it just me or is there something very ironic about this shot.

Once finished touring the miniature world we took some time to explore the cute town of Melide – pronounced mileedā. By explore we really mean we just wandered around until we could find a place to get back into the water to cool off. I do worry about how my kids will integrate to normal swimming habits again. It now goes without question that we jump into any body of water that presents itself, clothing and all. 

After swimming we also found a great playground so gave that a go too. 

We do our best to try out all the playgrounds we come across. It’s the children’s version of taking time to smell the roses…taking time to swing on the swings.
And when the park has a view like this Mom doesn’t mid too, especially when drinking beer in parks isn’t frowned upon here.

And then back to Lugano for the long, hot trek up to the house. One more swim was necessary to cool down (that was 3 today!) Back at the house it was evident that Manolo had been busy. Considering today’s work to be the completion of this visits’ job, it was time to celebrate a job well done. 

A little something we picked up in Italy to toast our lumberjack.
And a traditional Swiss dinner, a delicious rüsti made by Titi, along with a lovely Chianti she found in the cellar. The lumberjack is being spoiled!

Tomorrow will be our last day on holiday in Lugano before heading back “home” to Winterthur. Some final adventures with the hopes of more photo-worthy toilet experiences.

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