Lost & found

Today was toasty so we took advantage of our cousin’s pool right up the street while they’re on vacation. How lucky are we!?

All’s well at your pool Andy & Mireille!
trying to channel some zen during our picnic lunch under the watch of the clock tower.

I may have discovered my new most favourite thing…fresh blueberries, right off the tree. I hadn’t ever experienced that before, pretty sure I’d never seen a blueberry bush. Now that I know they exist here I have a new harvest to hunt for. 

“Back off kids. These are just special for Mom.” Fruit has always brought out the worst in my food hoarding.

And after our pool time I went for a really long bike ride. Not on purpose…

What was meant as a pre-dinner spin while Dad took care of the supper prep turned into a bit of an epic adventure for me. So you see Auntie Les, we all fall victim to being navigationally challenged. 

During the non-lost part of the ride I discovered our plum tree again so harvested a good bounty while there. And thank goodness for that! At least I knew that combined with the reliability of water fountains popping up everywhere, I had a back pack full of stolen plumbs.

I guess this is a bit of a spoiler because now you can see that I already made it home…

There are helpful navigational signs everywhere but the trouble is that if you are distracted by the amazing scenery, you can easily miss a sign. Pretty sure that’s what happened. Confident that I’d recognize something eventually, I followed the scenic route to a castle. I was the only one there, it was pretty neat. 

perhaps this is the sign that led me astray… you had me at weinstübe!
No one around to open the gate for me.
These guys turned to statues while waiting for me!

It was leaving the castle that got tricky. I had a vague idea of which direction I needed to head (which was completely wrong) so set off that way. There were lots of trail markers so I kept an eye on them. Turns out the markers were not telling me the name of the trail but rather that it was a trail. You see I recognized the trail named Wanderweg, having seen that one in the woods near our house, so followed along. I quite quickly realized that Wanderweg is the German word for trail and not in fact the name of a delightful meandering route. (It is true, my hair has gotten much more blonde since arriving here.)

At least on this ride I got to experience Swiss mountain biking – or at least I think it was. I had to cut through a forest and the trail was packed shale. Closest thing we’ve seen to justifying having a mountain bike. Once through the forest and out the other side I had a view of Wintethur, way, way off in the distance. Oops…

That’s where I needed to get to, way off in the distance.

Luckily all the signs I did eventually see which told me the time to Winterthur were assuming I was taking my Wanderweg on foot. So when the trail suggested it would be 2 hours and 10 minutes, I didn’t need to panic nearly as much as I first did.

And I was a able to enjoy the view along the way. Even when quite substantially lost you can still appreciate the beauty before you. 

Not a terrible place to be lost.
The best part was that supper was completely taken care of by the time I got back, albeit mostly eaten. 

Tomorrow we’ll attempt the final step for my visa which will be one step closer to independence for me. And finally a working phone where I can ask it to tell me how to get back home!

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