Swiss are red tape experts

I have come to accept that getting my visa is my job. It may take the entire time that we’re here. 

Lucky door A this time.
Dutifully returned to the office today, chaperoned by my husband. Went early in the day before the heat got the best of me. I didn’t want to arrive all sweaty so that they thought I was shifty. Turns out I could have grabbed any schlep off the street because at no point did he need to show identification of any kind. Just simply the presence of a man was enough to allow them to proceed with me. So bizarre, in so many ways it is such a progressive country and yet…

But those wily Swiss had another curve ball to throw at me. “And where are your children?” 

“I beg your pardon?”

“You were told to bring your children with their birth certificates.”

“No, I most certainly was not told to bring my children.” 

Luckily we had and had left them locked up with the bikes in the parking lot. (Ok, the kids weren’t locked up, just the bikes. The kids were with the bikes and a nice pile of library books to entertain them. I’m not that terrible of a parent.)

Seriously, this is not a balance of power we can afford to shift. Now I need my children’s permission to stay? They’re already dictators on a good day; making them believe that they have a say in my presence in Switzerland will not be good.

The empty desk as she said “please excuse me” in an attempt to come up with more red tape.

We did depart with a bit more progress but now I need to go back to Zurich for the biometrics. The Mission Impossible part, eye scans, finger prints, facial replication software, etc.

 There is so much we appreciate and admire about this place but my frustration level on this one is mounting. And we found a bag of cocaine outside the office so clearly these people are criminals. Now whose shifty?

Teeny-tiny ziplock bag of white powder…what else could it be?

After the visa-fun-times we carried on to find Diego’s school. Schule Gutenberg located on Gutenbergstrasse. Clearly we need to watch Ghostbusters to ensure that D appreciates just how cool Schule Gutenberg is.(My bad, it’s Police Academy that brought Gutenberg fame…think we’ll skip that one.)

His first impression of it wasn’t great. Said it reminded him of Matilda which, for those familiar with the brilliant works of Roald Dahl, know that is not a good thing. I think it’s quite pretty, he says it’s scary.

Even getting a pre-school year fix up.
Luckily the trampoline in the school yard helped to improve his impression.

And then we carried on to the library. Aren’t we urban!? Having bikes for us all makes zipping around town so easy. The main library in town is amazing. Such an old building in a gorgeous historic part of town and yet the library is the most high-tech thing we’ve ever experienced. Goes a long way to making sure a trip to the library seems like a cool thing to do.

Our library. It’s the orange building.

Tomorrow will be cool and rainy again. The rotation between scorchers and cool & rainy days is really quite delightful. Keeps us like true Albertans, always appreciating the good while we have it. 

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  1. Anna… this Swiss “visa” part of your journey causes me to hark back to processing my Canadian Student Loans during my move to Stockholm back in 97. Quite frustrating. You needed your children and I leaned on my father back in Winnipeg to facilitate things. I will spare you the details as it appears you are singularly generating plenty of your own. Regardless, sure hope this isn’t compromising your yodeling training? Enjoy the journey my friend!!!


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