Just a typical day here…

So, I was staring to feel better about myself again. Away from Lugano and the cheese-proscuitto-beer-wine-diet, into a regular routine, eating healthy-ish. And then I watched the women’s beach volleyball…whoa. Those women are amazing. As someone who doesn’t play volleyball because of a bum knee (Ha!!! The old knee excuse. I don’t play because I am awful at it and it is really hard on my self esteem.) I sure admire the talent and athletic strength of these women.  

We had an athletic day today too – strenuous game of mini-golf. It’s walking distance from our house. Hoping to inspire some good cheap (4CHF ea) independent fun. 

One of my children is athletically gifted. The other one is pretty and has the best attitude ever!
We have settled into a nice low-key routine here, trying to create an everyday sort of pace. Of course that everyday routine still involves daily grocery shopping and militant garbage sorting but we’re doing it! I’m still so amazed by how friendly everyone is here considering I have a lingering fear that I’m doing this wrong and screwing up life as a Wannabe-Swiss person. I’m anticipating being scolded at any moment but instead I always get a happy wave and a smile. Bless them… Quite sure if they saw the inside of our home they wouldn’t be so welcoming. It has a college dorm feel to it.

Such a happy sight…clean laundry and bikes!

In the meantime I’m still daily taking time to smell the roses and delighting at awkward advertisements that make me giggle like the immature person I am.

Not all roses have a scent…but it’s still nice to stop and enjoy them.
The word kegel will always be funny. Especially so when paired with what appears to be Fried Tail. Just learned that kegelbahn is German for bowling alley! Might need to explore the kegelbahn…

And, it wouldn’t be fair for me to complain yesterday about the high cost of things without acknowledging how well we’ve done by the neighbourhood help-yourself system combined with the generosity of our amazing family here.  Just 3 blocks from home yesterday was a delightful desk, perfect for Helena, labelled with the wonderful universally understood word “gratis”! It’s like the universe knows when we need a little pick-me-up and sets it outside on the sidewalk just for us. Or maybe the neighbourhood has watched the mom with the 2 kids struggling to carry furniture for blocks at a time and they feel sorry for us. Whatever the reason, we’ll take it. (For the record, Manolo has been pulled away from home on many occasion to come help me carry a treasure I’ve just spotted, but when we can, the kids and I dig deep!)

Helena’s pretty new desk. There’s nothing like a little room make over to make kids feel excited about their space. Thank you free-furniture angels!

Another day on the books and we’re aware of just how blessed we are. 

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