A little arts & culture for your Sunday.

The sleepiness of Sunday here really is delightful. Even some traffic lights stop working.  We are perplexed by where everyone goes. Unlike last Sunday, which was cool and rainy, today was hot and sunny. There were for sure lots of folks enjoying the parks but for a town of 100,000, it becomes remarkably quiet.

What I did see in terms of other people was a great relief…if I have a fear of being reprimanded for screwing up Swiss living, I’m not living nearly as rebelliously as this family!

Bathing right in the town-square fountain. Now that’s ballsy. And oh so refreshing…
I may have broken some Sunday rules by using this day for doing laundry. (You can’t even recycle on Sunday, laundry might be on the naughty list too.) But boy was it a good day for laundry! 3 loads washed and dried in no time. The term “washed” should be used loosely as they aren’t exactly clean. The laundry smells deliciously clean but it doesn’t look clean. The stains they went in with are the stains they came out with. So, we’re not quite there yet but considering that we’re all climbing into bed tonight on clean-smelling sheets feels like a victory to me. 

My number one piece of advice I’d have shared with myself in preparation for this trip would have been to pack everything that fits in one laundry colour scheme. In other words pack for the dark load and nothing else. Having a few items that need to be set aside for a white load throws the whole efficiency out of whack. Pack for a dark load only people – words of wisdom. 

I’m also a bit new to the bliss of line drying. I’ve been hanging things to dry forever but never in the sunny breeze of an outdoor line. Is it a sign of old age or senility that I am thrilled by the feeling of dry laundry, warm from the sun? I do worry that this will be a short lived bliss as there is talk of cool, rainy seasons to come…so then what do we do?

In between the mundane tasks of laundry and failed recycling, we did squeeze in a swim and some biking. I was riding at my Sunday pace. Let’s face it, that’s my everyday pace now. Old people pass me regularly, ebikes or not. I’ve come to accept it. In my defence I’m still seeing most sights for the first time ever and so am taking extra care to soak it all in. Also, if I go too quickly I miss the very important way-finders and find myself completely lost in search of another Wanderweg sign. Every single town hired the same decorator so they all look so much alike. You think you’ve seen it all and then you come around one more corner to discover another beautiful scene. 
Another pretty little square

The number of places on the “once you get a job we should come celebrate here” is steadily growing.

Today I made the mistake of assuming there would be a pretty water fountain around every corner. There was not. None in fact. Contrary to my good girl-guide upbringing, I did not go prepared. Tourist error. I need to start thinking like a local. And when I finally did find a fountain there was a family bathing in it! Boy are D & H every going to be excited to know that at the next fountain they can get right in. 

Along with fountains, the Swiss also do statues really well. Old ones, new ones, big ones, little ones and totally random ones.

These would fall into the modern and a bit random category…

I was excited to get home to google this guy to figure out who he was. Turns out he’s just a random hockey guy…Google came up empty handed on this one.
For sure the highlight of the day was stumbling upon the open-air theatre. These are the moments when the richness of urban living is amazing. Being the country bumpkins that we apparently are, the production was mostly over our head and left us feeling a bit stumped but we sure did enjoy it! Just evidence that we need to take in a little more culture when possible. 

The make-shift theatre in the square.Everything was in German which we’re still very new at so perhaps that’s why we didn’t get it…They hung like this for ages. So impressive!
And finally, in our quest to be truly Swiss, today  we came one step closer. We had our first Rivella. It’s a very popular drink here that you see everywhere. I finally asked what it was and it was explained that it is a special Swiss mineral water with a unique flavour. Intrigued, we bought one to share. Sorry to bust any mineral-water believers out there but this, my friends, is pop. Very similar to ginger-ale. Folks back home would have a shot of rye in that in no time. 

It wasn’t unpleasant but not something we’ll rush back to the Migros for more of.

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