I should remember to never fill a post with claims of happiness and bliss. It’s inviting it to all go to sh*t. Since claiming that D and H were blossoming into a fairytale friendship they have been scrapping like cats and dogs. Or I should say, fighting like the siblings they are. I really can’t understate how tough it is when you throw your children into a scenario where they become each other’s only friend.  I suppose for some families that may actually be the normal dynamic but for my two, it was not. They each have their own amazing buddies back home who give them the freedom to express all their crazy, silliness full of energy and abandon. The opposite sex, 2.75 yr age difference sibling just doesn’t fit the same bill. 

For that reason, we are trepidatiously looking forward to next week’s start of school and praying for buddies. Diego did find an incredibly sweet little buddy who latched onto him at the shoe store but we may still need a few others closer in age.

This adorable little guy made me miss Camp so much and I was ready to bring him home.

Thankfully in between the moments of tears and slammed doors there are moments of peaceful happiness. Mostly around the moments when we find a way to cool down in the summer heat. Or over fiercely competitive games of speed or pit.

Rope swinging into the local swimming hole.
Helena, coaxing her brother to join her from the top launch point.
Today’s cool-down spot, the Töss river.

And, as with all back-to-school routines, a haircut was in order too. Fearing that our inability to communicate would result in a Swiss-army style cut, we were all feeling a bit nervous about this next first. But of course they spoke English so I was able to confirm 8 times that yes, we really did want to keep it long. Luckily, had it gone poorly there is a Coiffure shop on every corner. Bike shops, architects and hair salons are by far the most common businesses here. Must be tough to stay competitive. 

That’s his “this better not go poorly Mom” smile.
Helena had the apprentice and all went well.

Post hair-cut smiley kids. Waiting for passport photos which are required for the first day of school. Posing in front of a photo of Winterthur. Pretty isnt’t it? You should come…

We have a big music festival in town this week which we may check out one evening. Doing our best to distract from the looming countdown for the start of school. 

Otherwise, like all good Canadians, we’re glued to the tv watching olympics. Having more opportunity to jump into the water than any summer in our lives, it is the diving that has really captured the kids’ attention, complete with the Euro swim suits we still can’t get used to. 

Hope to have more great photos to share from our final our final tourist days here.

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