The universe replied…

The apples in the bra seems to have really struck a chord. I like to think it was the desperate measures I’m taking to source good produce that garnered such sympathies.

Or perhaps it is the ample room in my bra that made you feel especially badly for me. Regardless of the reason, I felt the collective outpouring of prayers and positive energy. And guess what! It worked. Today the universe was generous with treats and surprises to delight us throughout our day.
On my bike ride this morning my fruit prayers were answered. I had biked up a good sized hill, even though there was a route to go around, because, well…cheese. While pedalling up the road I noticed that the road was lined with blackberry bushes which had loads of ready berries. But rather than stopping to graze like I often do, a voice inside said “you can indulge once you make it to the top.” Kind of like a reward for the tough effort but also because getting started again on a hill once you stop sucks!

At the top I pulled over to start picking but what I found wasn’t a blackberry bush but a raspberry bush instead.

That is a picture of pure joy. And no one around to share it with. Hooray!

Raspberries are my favourite. Those little pint packages at the grocery store are a single serving portion as far as I’m concerned. When at home I always buy an extra one just for the car ride home. It’s usually done by the first set of lights. The kids know not to ask to share…

Raspberries here are about $10.50 for one of those little packs. I just cannot bring myself to buy one and so had concluded that this would be a year with no raspberries. And then all of the energy you all sent my way produced that divine, warm little handful. It was bliss. It tasted like my childhood. Raspberries bring me to summer moments with my Nana. There is a distinct flavour that transports me to their yard in Victoria immediately. There is even a story about the time when we were picking berries and noticed that the branch had a snake coiled around it. I get my love of creatures from my Nana which has clearly been passed on to my two. I actually don’t even know if that is my own memory or just a memory I have from hearing my Nana tell the story so well and so often.

So today I was transported back home in the sweetest way possible. What a gift.

When your path looks like this, you know its leading somewhere wonderful.
More reminders of my Johnson family. Marigolds were my Dad’s favourite flower and for that reason I love them too.

Thursday’s are generally a good school day too. Helena goes just in the morning and has sports the whole time. D has sports for his entire afternoon so it’s a good day for him too. And in the middle we picnic in the park. I will so miss this routine when the weather no longer cooperates. We, along with much of the Winterthur working world, “cop-a-squat” in the grass and have a long, leisurely lunch. I love watching the locals who clearly know how to do it well. 

Our picnic neighbour…clearly a seasoned expert. Love the casting off of the shoes & socks; a vital part of the picnic routine.

Once we put Diego back on the bus to return to school, Helena and I explore the city. Today was a perfect temperature but Helena found all the walking was making her hot. Thank goodness for the abundance of fountains. 

Clearly the do’s and don’ts of the public fountains no longer worry me. For the record, naked boy was in and frolicking before we got in.

On our walk-about Helena found a mini Swiss Army Knife which she and D have started collecting. She was thrilled to bits, her special gift from our angels today. And once reunited with D, he excitedly told us about the huge scored he found at the bus ticket dispenser near his school. We never pass one by without a quick check and are often rewarded with a 20cent piece. He checked before hopping on the bus and found $2.60! The exact amount needed for an ice cream cone at our favourite local spot. Good karma all around.

After dinner we set out for a walk and were rewarded with this view. 

We like at the west edge of the city so getting up into the hills, away from the town takes very little effort and is always worth it.

We even made a few bovine buddies.

This big guy took a while to warm up at first but was soon eating out of the palm of our hands.
Happy to share our apples with him.
How often is too often to be zapped by an electric fence? These three seem to need to test them out every day to great shrieks of pain and schadenfreude.

So another good day on the books. Today was one of those days when I think back to our One Day plan of “one day we should move to Switzerland for a year” and I realize, we’re doing it!

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  1. Carol Anderson says:

    Hi Anna, I’m really enjoying your blog, you are so descriptive. I was exhasted after your trip to the Tour de France, feeling the fears of first day at school, laughing at yesterday’s apple transport but today’s blog filled my eyes with tears. There are so many wonderful memories from Victoria and the Johnson’s, for you and me too, a magical place and all related to your grandparents. I hope these memories will last forever. We enjoyed most of the week in Red Deer but the long week-end will be cool and wet. Sunday the high is to be 10C. What an awful day for the first Sunday of September. Jim had eye surgery August 18 (partial corneal transplant) so he won’t be able golf till Sept. 20 when the stitches should be removed. That will be a long wait from golf and our season ends at Thanksgiving. I still golf but I really miss our games together. I can’t think of anything of interest here, nothing to top your adventures. Love, Auntie Carol and Jim

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4


    1. Hi Auntie Carol! It is so special for me to know that you’re reading about our adventures too. Especially considering that the Johnson’s were so much on my heart yesterday. Funny how that sneaks up on you out of the blue sometimes.
      Glad to hear that you are well and that Jim is on his way to recovery. Have you been out to the island to meet your sweet little Granddaughter? Sure sounds like she has everyone falling in love with her. So fun to have a new little one in the family.

      Thanks so much for your comments and for reading. It really means a great deal to me.
      Much love,


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