Friday’s feast

I’ll be the first to admit that my posts have been a little wordy lately. Heavy on the waxing, not so generous in the photos department.

Today I’ll try to do the opposite. Today, for me anyhow, was a feast for the eyes. I stumbled upon the Friday morning farmers’ market which spans a good number of blocks in the old downtown. It was amazing. Even just the idea of a true farmers’ market thrills me. A coming together of all the local wares, where the community gathers to fill their fridges and pantries for the week ahead. And the flowers! Oh the flowers – the Swiss are so, so good at flowers. I could have wandered, taking photos, all morning. One day I hope to come back as a shopper, not just a gawker. 

Not sure if we have a “main square” but if we do, this might be it. This stretch gets all the action, the music festival’s main stage, the crazy college celebration parade when we had just arrived and the market. I can hardly wait to see what becomes of this space for Christmas!
The vendors wound around the corner too. Produce, meat, cheese, olives, baked goods, flowers and more.
Evidence of fall…the costume on the fountain was remnants of the music festival.
Who knew there were so many varieties of tomatoes!
The soft pretzel has been our favourite baked good on this adventure. My clever cousin Heather gave us a package of baked goods on the day we departed and soft pretzels were the yummiest part. Who knew she was establishing a theme for the whole trip!
The vibrancy of these bundles was almost too amazing to be true.
The flowers just went on and on. Everything grows here – it is lush and green everywhere. Yards without someone tending to them quickly become over grown jungles.
Did all us girls, raised in the 70s & 80s go through a sunflower phase?
This colour!!
This basket was just so gorgeous. Exquisite roses and lillies.

I don’t know if you need to be true Swiss to have the flower gift. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law both have it. I wonder if it is something that will rub off on me during my time here. Or does it require patience, attention to detail and an artistic flare that I just don’t possess?

There are glimpses of Fall’s approach and along with my delight in being able to wear pants again, I am excited to see how everyone’s decor reflects the new season. It’s just such a pretty place. 

Another sweet photo from the morning…Helena and her school buddies.

They can’t talk to each other yet but they ride the bus together every day and giggle together at recess. not yet at the arms-flung-around-the-shoulders stage but hopefully that will come. Polish, Indian and Canadian all doing their best to learn German together.

Even the wee bikes are photogenic.

Tomorrow may provide another opportunity for great photos. We plan to hop on a train to go explore Germany. About a 40 minute ride away. Another adventure awaits…

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