Spoke too soon…

If I could harness my power of contradiction, I might be able to channel some riches into our life. Time and again after opining about something I’ve observed here, the opposite presents itself the very next day. That is why I will never again claim that my children are well behaved, loving, sweet beings. It isn’t worth the risk… 
Last post it was my claim that Haloween isn’t a thing here. And where did we find ourselves? In the Mecca of pumpkins. Switzerland just might be out doing everyone else in the world for pumpkins and pumpkin related festivities. Anyone who loves Fall (is there anyone who doesn’t love Fall?) ought to add Seegräben to their bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.

A beautiful lake-side walk led us to the wee village of Seegräben. I knew it would be amazing from our very first glimpse. I spotted a pretty looking vending machine. Leave it to the Swiss to make a vending machine look pretty. 

Every vending machine deserves a pretty little house like this.

I went in for a closer look and nearly lost my mind. It was a vending machine for CHEESE, SAUSAGE & WINE!!!

The glare was bad so it was hard to take a photo. Or perhaps it was because I was shaking from sheer delight. Hard cheese, soft cheese, fondue, olives, a variety of sausage and wines and ciders to choose from. HOW CIVILIZED IS THAT!?!?

I mean really, could there be a more quintessentially Swiss invention? Hats off to whomever made it possible. Sheer brilliance especially in a country where everything shuts down on Sunday’s. No one will starve or be forced to eat sub-par charcuterie. 

And the day continued to deliver.

A happy little scene created out of artfully carved and arranged squash.
The lake in the back ground and perhaps a market for importing Durango Trail furniture?
Pretty doorways are a requirement in Switzerland.
Titi helping the kids pick one to bring home.

This Fall market blew out of the water anything we’ve ever experienced in North America. Considering that Fall has always been our favourite time to holiday, we’ve seen a lot of great Fall scenes, from Cape Breton to Tofino, New York to San Luis Obispo; this topped it all.

local beer in the beautiful sun with Titi.
The Roman Empire was recreated in squash. More squash variety and volume than one could comprehend.
Who said Halloween isn’t a thing here?
Crazy squash of every size, shape and colour.
So creative.
Jupiter, guarding the lake.

We spent all afternoon wandering around gaping at the pumpkins. Kids were thrilled to find the pumpkin carving stations. I was thrilled to see that pumpkins for carving are nice and little here, not like the unruly behemoths back home. And the carved out bits were tasty enough to munch on.

Serious, synchronized effort.

And we wrapped up the visit with a scrumptious meal, authentic Swiss offerings plus spaghetti for the kids, overlooking the lake. It was heaven, we could have stayed all evening. Except that actually we couldn’t; we were rushed out so that the staff could prepare for a big reservation, perhaps the reception for the wedding in the church nearby. Regardless, it was perfection.

A few final pretty scenes before we set out.
Could have been such a great photo…too bad Dad’s camera is perpetually blurry on the right side.
The catapult.
A pretty hike back, in the evening sun, to the train to take us home.

Such a lovely day. Titi is the best Swiss tour guide one could ever hope for. 

Our pumpkins were carefully transported home to contribute to our attempt at a pretty Swiss-style front door. They are the perfect addition to my first ever “winter garden”.

Just right…ready to greet visitors.

Oh, and evidently Swiss aren’t guiltless of fast-tracking the seasons like I suggested earlier. There was a pumpkin Christmas tree amidst all the decor.

Pretty, isn’t it?

I stand corrected.

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