Fiction vs non-fiction

As someone who enjoys reading, I am well aware of the difference between fiction and non fiction. I enjoy reading both. As a writer, I stick to non-fiction. I have had many years of professional experience where writing has been a required skill. Presently, this blog is a work of non-fiction. I tell you this because I need you to know that I am not making this shit up. I am not trying to keep you gripped to this story through made-up plot twists that just keep getting worse. I swear, This. Is. Real. Life. 

Today my phone was stolen. Right out from under my nose as I was packing up my groceries at the grocery store. My phone acts as my grocery list and so it is in my hand the whole time while I shop. I put it down when I start to pack up the groceries and once I was done, I discovered it had left with another customer. 

I was at the Denner. This is the No Frills of Switzerland. I have taken great pride in my ability to keep our weekly grocery bill as low as possible which is essentially my contribution to keeping us off welfare. Unfortunately, if you choose your shopping location based on desperation to save money, you encounter others who are perhaps a little more desperate than you are. I had no business being in there today anyhow; with Manolo’s job, I have graduated to being able to shop at the Migros! Darn it…

Previously, I had the impression that there was no crime in Switzerland. The whole place gives off such a vibe of orderly submission. It seems as though no one even considers anything that would be wrong or untoward. There is, of course, the obvious nephariousness of the Swiss private banks. You know something dodgy is going on there. But other than that,it seems like a pretty squeaky clean place. I have even witnessed shops close for the night with all their sidewalk wares still out on display.

There is of course small crime like adding a wee bit of your household garbage into a city bin as you stroll through the park, or the odd fig, taken from a tree that might be on the other side of a fence. Oh wait a minute, that’s just me…I’m the delinquent committing these terrible crimes. And so maybe that’s why my karma has shifted so terribly. Why I am missing my right arm (is it hyperbole when we really do feel so naked without our phones!?) and stressing about people living in our home who we just desperately want to get out?

Or is the lost phone in response to my waxing on about how a more simple life is the keep to happiness? I take it back!! My life is NOT better now that my tiny piece of technology which allowed me to stay connected to my world at home is gone. It was my translator, my German language teacher, my ability to navigate the schedule of the busses & trains, my alarm clock (6:00am practice again tomorrow!) my photo album, my camera and my playlist. Not to mention my way of keeping in touch with Manolo as we manage our divergent schedules. Does that indicate a dependence that is unhealthy? Perhaps, but in a world where your entire world is different and a bit lonely, it really was my pocket companion.

Manolo points out that this is a first world problem and small potatoes considering with what we’re dealing with with our renters. I am over dramatizing the situation. With the uncertainty and worry of these past few days, this added “plot twist” has rattled me.

So I will do my best to embrace the 1980s-style simplicity this has forced upon me. Reacquaint myself with phone booths. See if I can buy some film for my camera somewhere. Stare at the view out the window on the bus rather than down into my lap. I can do this. I know that this “undistracted mom” is the mom my kids are rooting for anyhow. So we’ll do our best and we’ll make the most of it.

Keeping our sanity as we continue to navigate the turbulent waters of our situation with our tenants will require our full attention. We are so thankful to you all for sharing our post and for spreading the word to help us get new, less dodgy, renters. We will be incredibly thankful when this chapter comes to an end and we can get on with the rest of this adventure.

So no new photos with this post, my camera is in someone else’s pocket.

Here’s a photo from Manolo’s phone. A can of Kokanee…nearly $8 Canadian. Now you understand the need to shop around. For the record, we are NOT buying this. 

Premium price for a taste of home.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Darn robber!!! Bad luck always comes in threes: renters, gas, phone, your streak of bad luck is over!


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