Successfully resetting the balance

The fact that we’re now on holidays might have something to do with the fact that we’re feeling relaxed and happy once again. Last night we arrived in Lugano which felt like a collective sigh of relief. Waking up here is a delicious treat.

A lovely, lazy morning.
This view never gets old.
it was a busy morning on the water. Loads of rowers out before the sailors took over.

As we strolled into town it occurred to me that it had been sometime since we had been mindfully thankful for all we had. Our focus this past week had been shifted substantially to what we didn’t have and with that came feelings of frustration, loneliness and a general sense of unease. It’s tricky when you get your mind muddled like that; it can be a trap that is difficult to get out of.

So I stopped the kids and said “we haven’t done such a great job at being thankful lately. Just look around at all we have to be thankful for!”

Really, how can you not be thankful in a place like this?

We set out with an ambitious plan for the day. To visit the Ferarri dealership. So down to the bus terminal we trudged, full of anticipation and excitement. Doesn’t everyone who is shopping for a Ferrari travel by bus? Our timing at the terminal was perfect, just a few minutes wait for the bus we needed to head out of town.

One very excited kid!

Having already expressed our intention to be thankful for the day, we were rewarded with so much to be thankful for. I was thankful that my inability to plan around the sacred lunch hour rest meant that we arrived to find the dealership closed. This didn’t seem to disappoint the kids at all as there were plenty of cars to gawk at outside. And I was able to avoid the awkward non-conversation with the elite dealership staff who knew full well that we had no business being there. The lack of sales staff combined with the fact that no one owned these cars meant that the previous rule of “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT CAR!!” was relaxed and I even said “sure, go ahead, lean on that Lamborghini.”

D likes to check the speedometre to see how fast they are built to go.
A pretty little lambo…
“But why can’t I have this ferarri for my birthday!?”
Taking advantage of mom’s good mood.

And once we had our fill of luxury cars, we hopped back on the bust to return to Lugano. We got off at the first stop so that we could stroll through town. It was such a gorgeous day here and with our hearts set on being thankful, we couldn’t go wrong.

At the centre for arts & culture.
This archway struck me as so beautiful.
Not sure what the red ball was but I loved it.
We came around the corner to discover this little glimpse of pure Swiss-ness.
Please, please be here again next week when Mom & Kim are here!

It occurred to me today that my comment about culture shock may seem a bit absurd. Looking around today it felt absurd. We certainly aren’t battling mud in Cambodia, or lost and alone in China. We are in the lap of luxury, breathing rare air, leaning on Lamborghinis for pete’s sake. No doubt many of you reading are thinking “what culture shock?” And to be honest, in moments like this I find myself thinking the same thing. Far from my mind are the thoughts of “how much longer can I do this?” Replaced with the niavity of “I could get used to this.”

And so for the next few days we will get used to this. We will drink in this bliss and be thankful for every moment of it. We have so much to be thankful for.

Back at the house, winding down from our exciting day on the town, soaking in the view and feeling very, very blessed. Until this creature decided to join me. 

This is not a small wine glass. This wasp was freakishly big. He sacrificed himself into my wine which meant I had to sacrifice the rest of my wine.

Hoping that we can channel this great energy tomorrow as well. It can’t be a coincidence that setting an intention of being thankful brings good things. Like the wisdom of a blissfully scented candle, choose happiness.

Good grief, I’ve become my mother. Packing candles in my suitcase for “ambiance”.

Feeling thankful this weekend for all we have, here and back home. Especially for all our friends and family who still feel near, despite all the miles between us. Happy Thanksgiving.

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