Not in Kansas anymore…

The departure from Switzerland has made us appreciate their rigid systems of order and cleanliness. Italy has a different flare to it. Not entirely a bad thing, just surprising when you’ve become accustomed to reliable train schedules, easy navigation, friendly ice cream shop vendors and train toilets that don’t smell like a hot day on an August long weekend. 

We set out bright (so sad to be leaving Lugano when the sun was shining again) and early on a train to Milan. Despite a lack of gps capabilities we still managed to find ourselves in the heart of couture – like a magnet that drew us in, eyes wide, mouths a-gape as we peered into the windows of the most exclusive design shops. Giggling at the absurdity of high fashion. D & H utterly perplexed by the sheer ugliness of some of the window displays. 

“But why is it so weird?” 

“That’s fashion my darlings. Mommy’ not so good at it.”

The sites were amazing but it’s the people watching that is truly exceptional. There appear to be living breathing magazine people walking about. So gorgeous you have to stop and stare. We can appreciate beauty of all sexes but wow were  the men ever beautiful. 

Leaving Lugano
Kim at the Milan train station
Almost like Central Park.
A pretty impressive sight
In the amazing plaza. This picture doesn’t show how busy it was on a Monday.

The kids were delighted by the unfathomable scale of the Duomo and the pigeons that surrounded it. 

It’s so big!!!
Feeding pigeons.

We’ve landed in Zoagli, on the Italian Riviera. Internet is spotty. Will try to share more again soon!

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