The next chapter

Tomorrow we are back to just the four of us once again. Back to real life. Mom flies back to Canmore leaving me to face doing the dishes, listening to all my children’s questions/stories, managing 7 loads of laundry without her. It likely means that the nightly Aperols ought to end too. Darn it.

We are so sad that Mom’s visit has come to an end. Having a real life connection to home has been amazing. Life is easier, a heckuva lot less lonely, and generally better when Mom is around. 

 But facing life without Mom isn’t so scary. For her, I think she is leaving with the peace of mind of knowing that our little world here is pretty great. While I may have given up on some things (like doing my hair) she isn’t leaving me in a helpless state, wrapped around her leg begging her not to go. Had her visit been timed a little differently, like during the throes of our tenant drama, she would have come away with a different impression. But I’m pretty confident in our ability to present as a functioning, mostly well balanced, happy crew. 

Things are happy and functioning at the moment. In large part due to the heroic efforts of our friends back home. Megan proved to have a secret-weapon skill of being the best property manager ever known and turned over our house, ridding it of the mess the deadbeat tenants left behind and finding a new renter. This is the stuff of miracles. Something we had nearly lost hope in. One would be completely lost in life without friends like that. If you see Meg out and about give her a hearty high-five. She’s someone you want in your corner when the chips are down. 

These final days of Mom’s visit we really pulled out all the stops. Evenings spent fighting over homework, daily jockeying for position for our home’s single toilet, upgrading her from the blow-up bed to a roomy twin and forbidding her to leave the house during laundry day. Do we know how to treat a guest or what!? You really ought to look into flights…

But it’s the real life moments that truly share the essence of a family. Sharing the tourist moments wouldn’t have helped Mom to really experience our Swiss life. And it is a pretty great life. Notwithstanding the absurdity of the once-every-15-days laundry, life in “Winty”, as we locals call it, is pretty ok. 

And that’s what you need to know; that the kids are alright. It’s what I strive to know every day as we navigate between school, hockey, bullies and buddies. Our kids are alright. And so am I.

Showing off our rural world too. A beautiful day in the sun exploring our hills.
Hockey fundraiser – kids skate laps for 10 minutes for pledges while parents enjoy boozy coffees. So clever!
National Swiss Ice Hockey Day. It was a big party! See the video below of D and his teammates starting the skate-a-thon.
The hopeful trick-or-treaters bursting our tale that Halloween isn’t a thing in Switzerland. Thank goodness G’ma had a big stash of chocolate to hand out! Our kids took missing Halloween surprisingly well. Let’s hope they accept that Santa doesn’t bring gifts here just as well.

Such a strange sight, hockey & soccer practice side by side.

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