Parting is such sweet sorrow. 

So that was hard. Ugh. 

Saw mom off to the airport this morning. The tears started at home, continued on the bus as she bid farewell to the kids and really ramped up at the airport. There was a lovely, lovely man in security who obviously watched our teary departure and then continued to point me into different spots so we could stay in visual contact long after what would be considered a normal goodbye. This of course made me bawl all the more, especially when he’d turn to give me a little thumbs up knowing I could still see Ma’s wee little white head bobbing in and out of the big business travelers. 

Off she goes, our pocket-sized Grandma.

And then she was gone. Our real life connection to home has gone. Her being here made this home feel much more like home. We do love our little Swiss home but there really is nothing like home-home. 

A far more flattering photo than any blotchy eyed airport selfie would have produced. Out for a special Swiss dinner last night to celebrate mom’s big birthday coming up.

And what a morning for mom to leave on. The most spectacular blue-sky morning since she arrived. The sort of clear morning I had concluded didn’t exist here in the winter months.  It is like the universe knew that we needed optimism in our day, a promise that the sun will come out and all will be good. 

A lovely view from the train.

Thank you Ma, for all you did for us while you were here. And for all you have done, over 42 years, to get me to where I am today. All that I am, all that I have is possible because of the start in life you gave me and for the unending support you offer. I hope to always give my kids the same. 

We love you. 

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