Distracted by cuteness 

When the world’s cutest baby, and his lovely parents, are visiting, it’s tough to get much done. At any moment you may need to drop everything because the most adorable smile has just been flashed at you. 

Seriously the most smiley baby I have ever known which turns every adult and child into clown-faced goof balls just to win another grin. 

So that’s what we’ve been busy with; making silly faces and raspberries. 

It was exactly one year ago that Theo entered the world entirely too soon weighing only 1 pound. And here he is today, happy, healthy and absolutely thriving under the incredible love and care of his amazing mom & dad.

The only problem we have now is that the kids want a baby. We tried a few times to suggest to Theo’s mom & dad that we’d be happy to keep him but they seem to have grown awfully fond of him over this past year. 

Despite some dreary weather we shared Theo with Winterthur and Konstanz, Germany. Even Theo’s wide, blue eyes couldn’t melt the cold hearts of the Germans who quickly proved to be just as rude and unfriendly as the stereotype. 

Sweetest wee family ever.
Really, how can ANYTHING get done with this face looking at you?
The kids trying on replacement babies for when Theo goes home.
Our very first Swiss rainbow.

Helena taking her turn on the train.
“Please, can we keep him?”
Showing off the weird and wonderful sights of Konstanz.
Taking advantage of having another photographer in our midst.
Amazing stained glass in Konstanz

We had originally planned to include Zurich in our itinerary with the Galsters but then we found out our hockey schedule for the weekend… Sunday’s games would be played in… wait for it…
Österreich!!! (That’s German for Austria!)

And we thought that traveling to Okotoks was far for hockey; traveling to another country gives a whole new meaning to “away game”.

The 3 games today featured around robin with teams from Switzerland (that’s us), Austria, Lichtenstein & Germany. And guess who was the weakest team? 

Germany! Ha! Maybe that’s why they’re so grumpy all the time. 

The journey to Austria was a very pretty 2 hour bus-train-train-bus excursion. No unfortunate mishaps this time either, phew!

The whole hockey event involves a good deal of hurry up and wait for the family but we were lucky enough to find a flea market next door. 

This may not have been the very best first impression of Austria. It felt very much like the pages of an I-Spy book; creepy and mesmerizing at the same time. 

At a time when gorgeous Christmas markets are popping up every where, the wares here felt a little less festive.
Naked barbies anyone?
The old dolls and teddy bears had Helena completely freaked out.
“I feel like they’re all watching me Mom!”
Who needs naked barbies when you could buy stacks of vintage, used, Playboy magazines. (Shudder)

Thankfully we did see a prettier side of Austria too. One that just might inspire a return visit one day. 

The view from the rink.
Seems the Austrians are good at gardens and fountains too.
Snowy Alp’s not so far away.
A family’s garage which was set up better than a ski shop. So fun!

We’re all pooped from our weekend adventures. Back to real life tomorrow without any cute babies to brighten the room with mega-watt smiles. 

Squeezing in homework at the train station.

These visits provide the perfect stepping stones for this year, each one ending with the next one on the horizon, like a beacon  in the night getting us one step closer to home. 

Next visitors, our BFFs from home. More exciting than Santa!!

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  1. Eli says:

    Truly a Miracle this baby! Adorable pictures!


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