Trying to convince our buddies to stay. 

This post is really for the benefit of all those who are keen to hear how Cath, Mackenzie and Parker are faring on their European vacation. 

Having them with us has been bliss. The ease of companionship, conversation, silliness or just silence that we’ve so missed since being here. The simplicity of falling in step, as though no time or distance has ever passed. 

I’ve stolen their passports and plan to keep them hostage as long as I can. 

The first days of 2017 have allowed us to share favourite spots as well discover new ones together. It is starting the year with slowness. Taking time to be slow and to enjoy an unhurried pace; hopefully something we can channel into the rest of the year. (Bragg Creek peeps – remind Cath of the importance of SLOW back home at every opportunity!) 

Sunday’s are family days in Europe. Everyone was out enjoying the day.
Even Cath and I couldn’t resist.

Thank goodness I changed before we left the house. Showing up in the same outfit is always so mortifying.
Setting out for a new day of exploring.

If all they did was climb trees and play, they’d be happy.
Exploring the old town of Bellinzona.
Because bikes…
Pretty store fronts.
The cathedral at the square.
Clock tower.

The draw to Bellinzona are the three castles in the town. We toured the Castelgrande Castle. It did not disappoint. A place for imaginations to run amok. 

These four…
Get used to it kids, we’re going to need a lot of cute group photos.

Another one of the castles off in the distance.
Like little pawns, placed for the perfect shot.

My buddy. 💙💙🏰🏰🇨🇭🇨🇭
Canadian kids teaching Europeans what a grassy hill is meant for.
Adore these kids.

This family brings us so much happiness.
Mackenzie spreading joy around the world, one hand-stand at a time.
Our boys.
Our girls.

Taking in the view.
So blessed with the weather. Beautiful blue skies.
And how do you wrap up a big day of castle exploring? With a hike up the mountain home and a couple wee cocktails of course.

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