Making lasting memories

Our final days with our buddies have helped to prepare them for their reintegration back to Canada. And that is important because leaving the palm trees and Mediterranean-like beauty of Lugano would be too cruel a transition back to the -23 of Canada. We’re thoughtful that way. 

Our final days in Lugano were bliss, as is life there. 

A longer, steeper, scarier (according to the look of terror and discomfort on Cath & Parker’s faces) funicolare ride up Mount Bré.
A quick visit to the mountain top town of Bré.
Hillside picnic before setting off on the hike down to Gandria.
Made it back down to the lake at Gandria.
A quick tour through Gandria.
The paradox of Lugano – warmest part of Switzerland and the fur coat capital.

Reluctantly saying goodbye to Lugano, we boarded a north-bound train back to Winterthur. 

Farewell Lugano and your sunny, palm-tree bliss
Once out of the Gottard Tunnel (at 57kms it is the longest train tunnel in the world) we had returned to winter.
Training for Canada at our snowy bus-stop.

Our final Saturday together had a very Swiss agenda. A snowy tour of Rapperswil followed by raclette in Bäretswil with our family. 

Rapperswil always comes through with the prettiest window decor.
The kids at the castle.
The Rapperswil snake.
Like pros, these four can create fun in even the tiniest playground.
We warned them that a metal slide in winter is never a good idea but they had to test it themselves.
Cath, pretending there were no rowdy children, only blissful sun and warmth by the lake.
Pretty expensive for spaghetti but considering that it comes with a hummer that’s not a bad deal if you think about it.
More Swiss prettiness.
A perfect spot with a plaid blanket and a sheepskin rug asking you to stay a while. Please Cath? Please stay.
We’re almost done with the forced posing, just hang in there!

Leaving Rapperswil for our final stop of the day to the very epi-centre of Swiss-ness: Bäretswil. 

The kids’ table with their very own raclette grill.
The party-sized raclette machine. So fun.
Monika, always serving up pure culinary perfection.
Manolo & Heinz, deep in conversation as usual.
Monika and Heinz can always be counted on for a good supply of coke for the kids.
The international delight that is Uno.
Things got a little crazy once the music started pumping. Titi busts a mean move – the picture is blurry because her moves were so fierce.
A late night train ride home. Ready to turn 11 tomorrow!

D’s birthday couldn’t have been better -still on holidays and still with his bff. Couldn’t ask for a better day. 

Pinks against the blues. Keeping up the tradition of Birthday shinny, even on the other side of the world.
D, showing off some Swiss hockey moves.
Cath, doing some research for the perfect hockey concession.
The girls at the rink.
A little Birthday zip lining.
Sharing the fun our school playgrounds offer.

Even Cath got in on the zip line action. 

D’s school trampoline.
So sad to be leaving the land of croissants.

Hard to know what memories they’ll cherish most once they go. Will it be the amazing view in Lugano, the crazy sprinting through train stations and bus terminals or the jockeying for position on our one wee toilet? 

For Cath it will likely have something to do with the cheese. The giant block of Parmesano Reggiano so cheap in Italy it might as well have been stolen. 

Where I could always track down Cath in the grocery store – in the cheese aisle.

For Parker it may not have been the hockey or even the scary funicolare ride but rather that fateful moment when he got locked in our washroom. 

Wiggle the key Parker. Just keep wiggling!
Hopefully the moment when his heart was swelling with pride as his mom madly stuffed countless packs of cigarettes into her backpack for him to share in the school yard back home will trump the bathroom memory. Europeans are such a bad influence.

For Kenzie there were so many great moments, in each and every shop we visited. There is a young Swiss Au-Pere in the making with this one. She’ll be back. 

So much happiness to be found in the markets here.
Air trampoline fun under the shadow of the Bellinzona castle will rank high for all of them.

Whatever their favourite memory, their time here with us will forever be one of our most favourite memories of our year here. Thank you for bringing us so much happiness and joy, simply by being here. 

Best buddies, across oceans and time zones.

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  1. Anna, you are such a special friend. How lucky my little family are to have you all as their friends. It looks like their trip was just amazing and thank you for sharing it with me. Love you all so much . I just smiled and smiled. I loved travelling with you . THANK YOU.


    1. So sweet of you Noreen. They are our sunshine. They make our lives so much richer. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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