L.A.B (Life after buddies)

Monday’s are hard. That is a universal truth. But dreary, grey Monday’s when your holidays are over, you go back to school and your best buddies say goodbye are the worst Monday’s of all. 

We are bracing for a terrible, horrible, no good day. Not even the excitement of my new laundry schedule giving me DOUBLE the days I had last year, beginning today, can make us happy. 

We knew it would come to an end. It was a perfect existance while it lasted. Care free days, our only responsibility being to soak up as much of our buddies as we possibly could. Enough, hopefully, to sustain us until we meet again. It will never be enough but boy was it good. 

Real life beckons. Life of school, jobs, hockey, laundry and German lessons. Life where the calorie intake of cheese alone is not atrocious. Life where sight seeing and shopping can be on hold to give the pocket book a break. A quieter life, an uncrowded life where there isn’t a nervous line up for the one toilet or fear of being intruded upon because the door doesn’t close properly. 

We prefer the chaos of that crowded, noisy life and we will welcome it again eagerly. 

But we also welcome this next half of our journey and discovering all the adventures and, with hope, new friends we might discover along the way. We will hold dear the memories we created with our buddies in every pocket of our lives here. We know that we live the very richest life possible because of these sweet friends and for that we are forever grateful. We love you so much Cath, Kenzie & Parker. 

Seasoned travelers now. Not phased a bit by the hustle and bustle of Zurich HB. A return visit would be positively breezy!
Last Swiss handstand…for now.

There they go… thank goodness for the glare on the window to hide the matching ugly-cry faces Cath and I were sporting.

So chin up; we’ve got this. 

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