Thank you Alp’s. Our cups are full. 

What a treat. Our time in Davos was fantastic. A perfectly sporty Sport Holiday. 

Before departing today I got in one final XC-ski. There are miles and miles of perfectly groomed trails here with ample room for classic, skaters and walkers with or without pups. All three xc-ski days I explored different beautiful trails but today was by far the best trail discovery. 

Hello happiness!
Such a pretty sight.
Up above are the slopes we skied. If you look closely you can see the train that takes you up the mountain. In the trees on the left the track is nearly vertical.

The funny thing about XC-skiing in Europe is the exact same phenomenon that struck me while biking – you are always close to a town or village. I guess that’s why Canada appeals to so many Europeans, the vastness of our wide open spaces. 

But coming from the perspective of a solo adventurer, I quite appreciate knowing that the risk of getting terribly lost is greatly diminished here. One wrong turn back home and you could find yourself in a world of trouble. 

I don’t as much appreciate how often you have to remove your skis to cross a road though. Just as you get into your stride, oh, another road to another town. Stop start, stop start. A little different than back home. 

A group of back-country skiers headed up to find some fresh tracks. They must be from Canada…
The valley I found to ski into this morning.
From the valley the view back towards Davos.
Venturing on skis into a gorgeous valley this morning it became evident fairly quickly that I was not alone. A pair of skiers passed me which was to be expected. One can’t keep a very good pace when stopping to take pictures around every bend. But as these spandex clad skiers swished by me I immediately realized that this was no reflection on my Nordic fitness level, which has taken a hit since moving here.  The two skiers were sporting Team Canada gear from head to toe. “Looking good gentlemen, looking good!” 

Go Canada Go!

Turned out, all the cool kids were here to play. Group after group of Team Canada skiers passed me. My ego had no time to feel bruised by being lapped so frequently, I was bursting with pride being surrounded by what appeared to be the entire Canadian Nordic team on such a spectacular Swiss stage. It was like I was one of them, only slower, frumpier, squishier and much more out of breath. But I was out there baby!

Even top tier athletes have to stop for a road crossing here and there.

This trip seems to have solidified the the friendship between the young cousins. The awkwardness of not being able to talk to each other has melted away now that D & H are speaking German so well. Now it’s just Manolo and I holding the awkward cards as we stammer out a few poorly constructed German sentences in hopes of communicating with the younger generation, completely mortifying our two in the process. 

Last night Arina offered spa treatments. Helena was lucky to get a facial.
One of the skills my two most admired in their cousins – the ability to spread Quick, chocolate powder on buttered bread for breakfast 1/2 an inch deep. Just hope no one sneezes!
The house had many, massive pillows which were mostly used for making forts and pits to dive into. Arina and Helena spent most of their time here, together.
A glimpse of the pillow shenanigans.
Our bodies couldn’t take much more of the Sport holiday. As Helena so aptly put it on the ski hill yesterday  “My heart wants to keep skiing but my body wants to quit.” 

 I hear that!  What will I do when I can no longer use the youngest child as my excuse to wimp out? 

The cool thing about Davos (and perhaps other clever Swiss hills) is that you pay per run. You get a plastic card which you can load and reload with “points”. It reads at a gate each time you take the chair up. The best part is that any runs you don’t use simply carry over to another day. So great. Perfect for Helena and I. 

The boys put in another full day with the Gabathuler’s while H and I practiced the art of ski-bunny lounging. 

Enjoying the hill-side action from our private cabana. The bottle of Proseco was not mine, I swear!

Who says apres-ski has to happen at the end of the day? It’s just as tasty late morning…

We had one non-ski day where we explored Davos a little more and did some skating. Even the dads got into the action. The photos don’t do justice to the constant litany of swears being muttered by Manolo who officially, after that afternoon, hates skating. 

Giant sled bench.

Andreas teamed up with D to be part of the winning team.

“I hate this sport. I hate this sport.”

At the end of each day while we were unwinding back at the sanatorium, I was astounded by the view from the window. Ever promising the perfect piste, you could watch the groomers hard at work in preparation for the next day’s skiers. 

The groomers are the bright lights – you can even see the ones at the ski hill in the next valley.

We were sure sad to say goodbye to Davos today. Such a neat place. We’re sure lucky to have the opportunity to experience it. 

Blue bird day.
We’ll miss the view and the church bells.

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