Reunions a-plenty

Turns out that blogging and loneliness go hand in hand. So when one has been reunited with family and friends, the time necessary for updating a blog is hard to come by. 

We’ve been back home for a week and it has been wonderful. 

Here’s a smattering of the highlights. 

We made it!

T’was a long day of travel. The time change caught up with some of us.
A lovely back-yard reunion in Toronto.
Such a treat to gather 4 generations together to enjoy family picnic shenanigans.

And then we made it to Alberta – first order of business, slurpees!
Arrived at the ranch to be reunited with the creatures we love here. Snakes that really are snakes!
Lovely visits with our Yukon cousins.

Then on to camping. Notice our home in the background. Nothing like going from riding buses and trains every day to living in and driving one.
Helena’s new passion.

Off to Canmore to be united with our West Coast cousins.
Adventuring, Canmore style.
Diego and Cooper.

Cousins taking a dip.
Skipping stones in Quarry lake near Mom’s house.

G’ma with the cousins in birth-order.

First cousins and great friends.

Cuddles with Grandma.

A visit with Auntie Nora.

D trying out the kayak.

Canadian kids, being Canadian.

No trip to Alberta is complete without a pancake breakfast.

Bragg Creek Days parade.

Helena cooling off at the dunk tank.

It’s been a busy week but so full of love and happiness. Feels so great to be back, surrounded by familiar faces and warm embraces. 

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