Dwelling in our new tranquility. 

Some of my posts have been a bit wordy lately – I had such great conversations back in Canada, it got me all verbose again. Anyhow, this post is the opposite, heavy on photos, not so wordy.

 It is a well known fact that the outdoor space in Switzerland is quite spectacular. Until now I have been drawn outdoors at every opportunity possible. That has changed now. Our indoor space is now so lovely that I am finding it difficult to get out the door. My favourite thing to do is to enjoy the outdoors from our indoor space. The view catches my breath every time. 

We have a perfect morning coffee deck now.
The view from our bedroom window. We are secretly hoping the house in front of us will implode one day but for now we just enjoy the view around it.
Just kidding…this is not our indoor space but rather the space of our incredibly talented downstairs neighbour. The house Helena wishes was ours.
Bit by bit our space is coming together. Candles are everything.

The weather is mostly cooperating with my desire to enjoy our indoor space with lots of rain in the forecast. We did have a couple sunny days, combined with a rare afternoon of no school and a late hockey practice  so the kids and I headed to Zürich for an explore. 

This city never fails to amaze us.
Mesmerizing art installation.
Taking a break.
The flower vendors are so gifted.
Such inviting sidewalk spaces.
Great day for a walk along the river. Our first time venturing downstream.
A pretty spot at the Viadukt Market.
Super funky part of town. Amazing shops and cafes.
Always time for a swim!
Awesome graffiti wall along the walk.
The lizards love the graffiti too.
This is Nelson. Our apartment comes with the opportunity to look after the world’s sweetest dog! And wow, living in an urban environment means a whole lot more pooper-scooping than we’re used to. The kids were NOT impressed.
Nelson at home at our place.
Every now and then we do find a reason to leave our space – no better reason than pulled pork. There’s a Burger Fest in town – as North Americans we needed to represent.
Hanging with buddies at Burger Fest.
Manolo & Gerald at Burger Fest. Even sophisticated French-men like a good burger.
Celebrating love in the midst of it all.
We enjoy the outdoor view in other homes too. Bäretswil is one of our most favourite places to dwell. The view from their windows is breathtaking too.
If ever there were a more inviting reading nook.

I do feel some more wordy posts coming on so be warned. My adventures into the world of employment have not been without adventure. Plus there’s a whole underbelly in the world of moving houses that deserves some sharing too. Believe me, the fun around here just never quits!

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