Squeeze your mom today.

Living abroad means that you might not get to give your mom an in-person hug on Mother’s Day. But if you’re lucky, like I am, you’ll have a jet-setting mom, who loves to travel, and who comes to visit so you get your Mother’s Day hugs a week early.

Last week, while Manolo and the kids were still on vacation, Mom arrived with our friend Cathy for a few wonderful days of visits. And I got them all to myself for the first few days. Glorious days full of yummy wine, grown-up conversations and never having to yell “who left the toilet seat up?” Ahhhhh….

We made the most of our time together here despite my days still being occupied with work. That meant our exploring was limited to staying close to home but that was also what made it special. There is something so comforting in getting to share all the nuances of our Swiss home, our neighbourhood, our community, with people whose opinions matter so much. And to have them pause and say “wow, it’s pretty special here” feels awfully good. Despite the fact that our hearts will always be in Canada, it is so special when we can share our love of this space with those we hold so dear.

And this visit was no exception. We took in the very best parts of our little town and sufficiently wowed Mom & Cathy enough that there’s a good chance that they’ll be back!

Even once Manolo and the kids joined us and our clean and quiet space became less clean and decidedly un-quiet, it was lovely to be together. The kids were treated to loads of attention and time from “The Grandmas” as they called Mom & Cathy, which really is the greatest gift of all. Helena, always pleased to have an audience for her never-ending stories, and Diego, delighting in opportunities to be recognized for just how clever he is.

We basked in their love and generosity. The memory of our time together carries me through to this Mothers’ Day. Moms are really the greatest thing, even the ones you adopt for a few days.

Happy Mothers Day Grandma & Cathy. And to all you other mothers out there. May your day be filled with a deep, contented sigh and joy in all that surrounds you.

Because one needs to experience the adventure that is grocery shopping to truly appreciate life in Switzerland.
Do we know how to treat our guests to a good time or what?!
With the Saturday tasks taken care of we were free to explore.
A train ride to the Rhein Falls.
Like the Swiss version of the Maiden of the Mist.
With some whisky barrels in case of an emergency.
The Grandmas.
Headed out on the trail along the river…in search of wine.
Me & Ma…
This was the position we often found Cathy in.
The flowers along the way did not disappoint.
Photographer in action….
Pretty doorsteps.
Grandma hydrating before we arrived at a winery.
Where we spent our afternoon together. An over 800 year old wine cellar.
So much wine to taste…such a burden.
The Hübscher Family Winery. So, so yummy.
Did you know that Riesling soup is a thing? So delicious!
Two of my most favourite gals in the world.
The competition to see who is taller. The Mammutbaum still wins.
We sure love it when Grandma is here.
Helena reading some German for Cathy.
We found a pretty garden along the way.
No fountain is a challenge for Helena.
A pretty patio we never knew existed – a spot to return to one day.
The entrance to a secret garden.
Pretty statues in the garden.
Made prettier by this sweet face.
The boy who made me a mom.
Time for a garden party before their farewell.
So great to have another photographer in the house – love this photo with Uncle Heinz.
Manolo on the grill for a good-old Canadian style BBQ.
And then it was time to say goodbye. A final chat for D & Cathy.
We dropped them off at the Hostel for their final night in Winterthur.

Thank you for sharing your time with us.

Happy Mothers Day Grandma & Cathy.

And to all you other mothers out there. May your day be filled with a deep, contented sigh for the joy and love in all that surrounds you.

For you Cathy… if you break “The Grandmas” at the wine tasting, let them sleep it off on the train ride home. 

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